100% Pure Squalane (Olive Derived):This light weight moisturizer is non-irritating, non-greasy, and odorless and is excellent for dry and combination skin.

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PROFILE: Squalane is a natural moisturizer derived from either, olives, sugar cane, or shark livers. This lightweight moisturizer is non-irritating and is best if it comes in a pure 100% form. Squalane has been shown to mimic the skins natural oils making it an excellent emollient. Since Squalane is a strong lipid similar to our natural facial lipids it easily helps to retain moisture. All products should be store at room temperature away from direct     sunlight.



  •     Excellent for dry and combination skin as a moisturizer
  •   With antioxidant properties it helps free radicals which can damage the skin
  •     Derived from olives and is 100% pure (cruelty free)
  •   Boosts hydration for a healthier and vibrant look
  •   Non-greasy, lightweight, and odorless absorbs quickly for full and rapid absorption.
  •   The light protecting bottle reduces the chance of oxidation                                                                            
  •   Has benefits for skin, hair, and acne prone complexion

Hair: Increases shine and prevents breakage

                 Acneic skin: Lightweight and natural won’t worsen breakouts.

            Non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores.

            Fragrance and preservative free.


INGREDIENTS:     Squalane: 100% raw olive oil. Made in USA.                                                                        

USAGE:   SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES.                                                                                

Pure Squalane: For everyday use to moisturize, protect, and calm dry and sensitive skin. Spot test prior to use for any reaction.

Face, body: Apply a few drops as needed and gently massage into the skin.                                                

Hair: Apply a few drops to the hands and gently massage into the hair. Follow by rinsing the hair.


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