Winter Skin Care Tips Part 2

two men bench snow

We know you want to have the healthiest, happiest skin possible, but that can become a little bit trickier during the winter. As temperatures drop during the colder months of the year, the need to pay attention to your skin rises. This is because winter temperatures and drier air can result in your skin losing a lot of essential moisture. We discussed a few tips to keep your skin healthy and happy in a previous post, but we have some more just in case you’re still feeling the effects of the harsh weather this year.

Rethink your normal routine

During the rest of the year, you may have a set-in-stone skin care routine. To avoid drying out your skin even more, ditch your regular exfoliator, peels, and masks in favor of gentler options. Mild foaming cleansers or masks that are specifically made to hydrate will help your skin retain moisture and stay clean. A cleanser that contains moisturizers is ideal. If you do need to reach for an exfoliator to scrub away some of that dead skin, choose a mild, natural option, like an exfoliating sugar scrub.

Get a humidifier

As we’ve discussed, the biggest reason winter hurts your skin is because of the dry, cold weather. Most heating appliances blast hot, dry air through the room to keep us warm. Humidifiers help by replenishing the moisture in the air which can help prevent your skin from drying out. Space them throughout your home or in the office to help combat the aridness.

Keeping this advice in mind this winter should help your skin retain its moisture and radiance, leaving it happy and healthy for spring.

10th Feb 2017